Cheeses and Creams from the Middle East to Persia

The Specialty Cheese Company offers the Rich Cow brand cheese and cream products: products that originated from the Middle East to Persia. The cheeses and creams of this geography share many common characteristics because dairy manufacturing conditions have historically been similar throughout the area. The poor pasture available to the milk-bearing animals and the poor cooling capabilities of the local cheesemakers led to the popularization of simple, fresh cheeses and cream products. Traditionally, these products either had a very short shelf life (about 5 days) or were very salty. Our company manufactures the most popular of these products using modern methods in our USDA-approved facilities so that they have their authentic taste and texture capabilites yet enjoy long shelf lives.

  • Ackawi is a soft, white cow's milk cheese that is native to Lebanon and Syria. The cheese is popular throughout the Middle East and is now the best selling Middle Eastern cheese among Arab-Americans. Our make-process for this cheese is unlike any other cheese we produce so we can ensure the finished product will have the traditional smooth texture without acidity. The cheese is brined to give its traditional salty taste. Our Rich Cow brand Ackawi products have a 6 month refrigerated life.
  • Naboulsi (Boiled Cheese) is made by boiling fresh Ackawi cheese in a fragrant mixture of gums, spices and seeds. The cheese is popular in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The cheese is packed in a brine and sold in 12 bottles per case with roughly 20 ounces of cheese per bottle.
  • Basket Cheese is a white, soft cheese that is formed in a basket. The traditional cheese has a circular shape, weighs about 12-18 oz., and has a salty taste. Because of the cheese's distinctive appearance it is difficult to mass produce and the genuine product is easily recognizable. Basket cheese is among the top three Middle Eastern cheese products sold in the U.S. Our Rich Cow brand Basket Cheese has a six month refrigerated life.
  • Jibneh Arabieh is a simple cheese found all over the Middle East. It is particularly popular in Egypt and the Arabian Gulf area. The cheese has an open texture, a mild taste, and is widely used in cooking and snacking. The heritage of the product started with Bedouins using goat or sheep milk, however, current practice is to use cow's milk to make the cheese. Our Rich Cow brand Jibneh Arabieh has a six month refrigerated life.
  • Folded cheese with mint ("Haloumi-style") is an unusual cheese that has mint leaves incorporated into it after it has been boiled and folded. The cheese has a pleasant, refreshing taste and a firm texture. The product originated in the Eastern Mediteranean region but is now popular in many regions of the world. It is usually stored frozen but displayed in a refrigerated case. Pieces of our Rich Cow brand Folded Cheese with Mint can be packed either in individual packages or in brine with bulk pails. The individual packages can be shipped either frozen or refrigerated but the bulk pails must be kept refrigeratred. The cheese has a six month refrigerated life after having been thawed.
  • Kashta (Kishta) is a heavy cream that is very popular in the Middle East. Traditionally, it is made by skimming the thickest part of the cream from whey cream and has no more than a five day life. The product is used both as an ingredient in cooking and is mixed with honey to be eaten as an incredibly rich dessert. Our Rich Cow brand Kashta is a fresh, rich-tasting cream product whose texture is smooth and thick. It has a 60 day refrigerated shelf life.
  • Kenafa is an unsalted, very fresh, soft cheese that melts easily and freely. It is used to make the popular "cheesecake"-like dessert that is sometimes called Kenafa by people in the Middle East. It can also be used as a base for other sweet cheese desserts. It is sold frozen because there is no salt in it and is available in both retail and bulk packages.

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