Paneer, Chenna and other dairy products from India.

For time out of mind, the people of the Indian sub-continent have preserved their fresh milk by making it into fresh cheese. They call this cheese Paneer. They also preserved their milk by concentrating it over heat and mixing it with creams and sweets. These products are called Khoa and Chenna. Over centuries, Indian cooks have developed a cuisine which depends on these native cheeses and dairy products.

Paneer is homemade cheese that is similar to pressed Ricotta cheese except the curd is drier and has no salt added. Paneer is one of the primary protein sources among Buddists who adhere to strict vegetarian diets. Paneer is used in curried dishes and is very popular when wrapped in dough and fired. Paneer is often used in stir fry dishes because it does not melt. It is also used in preparation of popular desserts because of its delightful texture - and complete lack of salt - making it an ideal base for sweet recipes.

  • Bharatama brand Paneer is availabel in four forms and sizes.
    • Paneer Blocks - available in 14 ounce chunks and 5 pound loaves. Our Paneer has a 90 day refrigerated life  but can be frozen to extend its keeping time indefinitely.
    • Cubed Paneer - 3/4" cubes frozen in 8 ounce and 5 pound bags.
    • Fried, Cubed Paneer - 3/4" cubes whose surface has been browned by deep frying in Canola Oil. Available in 8 ounce and 5 pound bags.
  • Chenna is a crumbly, moist form of Paneer.
    • Bharatama brand Chenna is available in 1 pound and 5 pound bags with 60 day refrigerated life.
  • Khoa is concentrated milk mixed with butter oil.
    • Bharatama brand Khoa is available in 1 pound chunks and 5 pound bags with 90 day refrigerated life.


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