About Us


Company History

Specialty Cheese Company grew from humble origins. In 1991, the new company purchased five old cheese factories dating back to the 1860’s. The exact dates of these factories are a bit obscure. We know that our oldest factory had been making cheese continuously for 150 years. You see, the earliest real estate deed we can find for that factory simply said that when it was sold in 1860 it was already being used as a cheese factory. That makes the plant the oldest cheese plant in Wisconsin – with a roadside plaque to show it.

As the years went by, the company outgrew these old factories. In 2003, we purchased the local high school and converted it into a cheese factory. Since then, we have modernized and expanded. Today, a visitor will enter “the Principal’s office”, pass through the gym, watch cheese being packaged in the old “Earth Science” classrooms and see hand-painted murals still decorating hallways.

Over the past 25 years, we have used our team’s skills to develop authentic and innovative cheeses. We have tripled employment and are proud of our team. Our Company’s success is built on superior product quality, innovation and helping our employees grow.