Rich Cow™ Cheeses of The Middle East

Cheesemaking may have started in the Middle East! Our Rich Cow™ brand brings the ancient, traditional recipes to your consumer. The cuisines of the Middle East depend for their authenticity on these fresh cheeses. Traditionally, these products either had very short shelf life or were very salty. Our company manufactures the most popular of these products using modern methods so that they have their authentic taste and texture characteristics yet enjoy long shelf lives.

Items Sizes Available
Ackawi 12/1# Random
4/5# Random
12/1# Random Rnd Baskets
6/2# Random Rnd Baskets
1/6# Random Rnd Baskets
Jibneh Arabieh 12/1# Random
4/5# Random
(Boiled Spring Cheese)
12/14 oz Random Tiles w/Nigella seeds
12/32 oz Plastic Jar w/Nigella seeds
Paneer 24/14 oz
4/5# Random
Kenafa 8/5# Random
Sweet Cheese
12/1.25# Random
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